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The Bowlive Theory
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Freshly made,
flavour-packed bowls nourishing your
hustle daily 🚀

Piri-Pop Fries by TBT
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 Who   We Are 

At The Bowlive Theory, we're redefining fast food, making your taste buds dance with joy one bowl at a time.
No mess, no fuss—just delicious, nutritious, and quick meals for all you busy bees out there!


With The Bowlive Theory by your side, sorting out your dietary needs and preferences has never been easier. Think of us as your dependable friend, always ready to serve you a burst of healthy flavours and positive vibes with each and every bowl. Prepare to be bowled over!

Who We Are
Artboard 1.png
Artboard 1.png
The Bowlive Theory’s innovative approach to meals in a bowl, coupled with the seamless online ordering process, made for an unforgettable experience. From browsing their thoughtfully crafted menu to savoring the final bite, every step was a testament to their commitment to excellence. The food itself was a revelation of flavors and freshness. It's clear that the chefs pour their passion into every dish. 

The careful packaging ensured that my order arrived in pristine condition, hot & crisp! If you're seeking a culinary adventure that combines convenience and gourmet delight, I wholeheartedly recommend The Bowlive Theory.
PS - Their peri-peri fries are the best in the city.

Farzan Sarid, 26

Meet the Crew!


Our Story

On a sunny afternoon, at their favourite restaurant in Birmingham, Karan and Mudit found themselves amidst a delightful array of dishes. From wings to curry, fries to churros, the table was laden with mouth-watering delights. Yet, as they relished the flavors, they couldn’t help but notice the mess accumulating around them: forks, spoons, plates, and, most perturbingly, the untidiness of their own hands.

But these weren’t just two ordinary gourmands; they were visionaries. Each dish they tasted, each meal that was prepared, was seen through the lens of a budding chef and a nascent entrepreneur. Conversations often drifted to dreams of their own culinary venture, but a truly transformative idea had always eluded them. Until that very moment.

Amidst the savory bites and sweet treats, an epiphany struck: What about bowls? Bowls that are effortless to hold, from which every bite can be easily scooped, and which can be readily cleaned. Bowls accommodating an array of culinary wonders—hot or cold, sweet or savory, liquid or solid. Customizable bowls that cater to diverse palates and needs. A holistic, bowl-centric culinary experience was born: The Bowlive Theory.

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